Great Portuguese Lives: António Lobo Antunes
The Love of Beautiful Things (or at least of those I consider so)

There was once a little boy named António, who was born to write, but grew up to be a doctor. Nevertheless, António is not a doctor like all the others - he heals people through his books. Later, he would leave Miguel Bombarda’s hospital to dedicate himself to writing. And he became the “Fidípides of literature”. António went to war and he has never recovered from it. The pain runs through his life and his books. Just as love: his grandparent, the most important person in his life; his father, tough but who taught him the beauty he now turns into words; and his brothers, unbreakable.

This text by Jorge Reis-Sá is an intimate portrait of a writer who fully merges with his books. António Lobo Antunes, a “bottomless pit of contradictions”. Illustrated by Nicolau, this is the new title from the collection Great Portuguese Lives, dedicated to important Portuguese figures who stood out in various domains of our History, published by Pato Lógico in partnership with the Portuguese Mint and Official Printing Office.