“Heads or Tails?: A Brief History of Coin”
With the first coin minted, about 2600 years ago, you could buy ten goats. And the coin was not always circular: they were once square, star shaped, holed, in porcelain or wood. The Chinese, for instance, once pressed tea bricks for currency. 

Published by INCM (the Portuguese National Press), with text by Ricardo Henriques, illustrations by Nicolau and design and art direction by Pato Lógico, the book “Cara ou Coroa?” tells the story (and many curiosities) of the currency throughout the times, in Portugal and the world, from production, to circulation and collection.

Part of a collection dedicated to commemorative coins, published by the National Press and the Casa da Moeda Museum, which aims to bring the younger public closer to numismatics, through books that address themes related to history, geography, science and the nature.